Behind The Scene

14631988379_c3401f5ae4_oAlexander Bryant Iwo, well-known as Sandy and Iwo, was born on the Halloween day in 1992.

A dark-brown eyed-Indonesian, Sandy earned his BA degree in English Literature in English Department of Bina Nusantara University, one of The Best Private Universities across Indonesia. His scholarly interest centres around literature (Sexuality, Socio-Cultural Studies, Psychoanalytic and Environmental criticisms).

Having good command of French, this light-skinned Asian is a fan of Great Britain, British and French thick accents, formal and old-fashioned language as well as modeling. Whenever he is not working on his academic tasks, this 175 cm-tall guy can be seen watching videos, refining his English and French and advancing his knowledge on Human Resources Management.

Sandy is currently pursuing his MM degree at PPM School of Management, one of the distinguished schools of Management across Indonesia. Still aspiring to be a Photo and Runway Model, this Model-Hopeful also aspires to be an HR Manager, Trainer and Coach.


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