Only Bali? There’s Still More!

Bonjour, bonjour ! Voici l’un des essais que j’ai écrits pour mon cours de Rédaction des Essais au 3e semestre. Profites-en et soyez-en tous inspirés de visiter mon magnifiquement beau pays Indonésien ! 🙂


Only Bali? There’s Still More!
            Nowadays, when we approach a foreigner and ask what he or she knows about Indonesia, most likely he or she will answer “Bali”. When we ask a foreigner in Indonesia the vacation spot he or she knows, he or she will probably answer “Bali” as well. It often seems that it is only Bali itself which captivates people the best in Indonesia. When they are looking for a beautiful beach, a relaxing sunbathing, historical temples and exotic food, they will most likely go to Bali. However, there are still other paradise islands in Indonesia with unforgetable experiences to experience outside Bali.
The Senggigi Beach
       If it is nature that we are looking for, Lombok is a perfect destination. Senggigi beach, the most beautiful beach, guarantees all pleasures. We can stay in a nice wooden cottage where an inspiring seaview, a breathtaking beach, white sand, clean sea and a blue sky are just outside our doorstep. Moreover, a stroll in the Lomboknese twilight has always been a relaxing and entertaining experience. We can meet Sasak people, the original people of Lombok, taste the traditional food, shop for souvenirs and enjoy a night life ala Lombok.
Walking over a rainforest in Borneo.
For us with a huge desire for adventures, Borneo is the right place. All its dense jungles will welcome warmly those wishing to experience and live a jungle life. We can do it either in our own way or through a jungle agent. From camping and enjoying a bonfire at night, learning to survive in the density to encountering chrocodiles, aligators, snakes, lizards and other wild jungle creatures, no jungle experiences can be better than Borneo’s.  
           One Thousand Island and Bunaken Underwater Sea Garden in Maluku are never to be missed either. A wide variety of aquatic experiences are all ours to choose. In the morning, let our body relax with a sea swimming or satisfy our curiosity by snorkling to the depth and witnessing a beyond-imagination  underwater view. Nothing can be better than walking along the seashore in the evening while enjoying the warm magnificent sunset. As night approaches, taste the Maluku seafood in traditional restaurants and feel the Maluku art in night life.
        All those three islands above are never to be missed to witness the beauty of Indonesia in person. Those aiming for a magnificent sea, Lombok invites us warmly to drop over. For sensations of wild and dense jungle life, no other islands can be better other than Borneo. Never ever give up our underwater life-seeing dream before we see what Maluku has got under its sea. Don’t forget to bring along our camera and video camera and let it  cherish each of our gold-dust experiences. So, Bali may be a paradise, but see what other paradise islands have got inside. 

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