Me Connaître Mieux

Alexander Bryant Iwo was born on the Halloween Day in 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Born from Chinese-Indonesian parents, Iwo (Sandy and Andy are also allowed) earned his Bachelor degree in English Literature at Bina Nusantara University, the Best Private University across Indonesia. A legions of people count in his life, chiefly his Mum (without whom he would have chosen another department), his Auntie Rina (without whom he would have been ‘Englishly’ lost), his lecturers Mrs Retnowati (whose 50 in his mid-term paper has made him who he is today) and Ms Paramita Ayuningtyas (thanks to whom he has been pursuing his passion for classical literature). 
Iwo’s professional realms lie in English language teaching and testing, British English, culture and literature. He is also a big fan of Great Britain, British accent, formal and old-fashioned language as well as Oxford and Cambridge-published textbooks. An ex-pupil of Institut Français d’Indonésie, this Francophile possesses a zeal in the French language and French language assessment as well.
Having an active interest in modeling, Iwo enjoys Glee (where he thinks that he and Artie have some things in common), Masterchef and Next Top Model. His blog is dedicated to literature in its entirety. Towering at 173 cm (5’8) tall, this model hopeful idolizes the ravishing Indo-Australian Nadya Hutagalung (with whom he has a few environment-caring traits in common), beautiful British Jade Parfitt and gorgeous Irish Stacey Haskins. Iwo’s ideal mental picture is the evening in the Ulm city in the past, looking out through a window, a piece of paper in front of him, a literary work on the left together with a nice cup of sweetened coffee. Iwo, looking forward to working within the education and modeling industries, remains and shall always do reachable on

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