From a dear lecturer…

“However, realizing my body potential and accepting the good and even the bad are steps forward to be more thankful for whatever God has given me. All in all, life isn’t only about appearance, surely. We have brains and hearts that will show who we really are. And that’s what’s important.”

[…] I opened back my undergraduate thesis, reading page every page. And I remember how much I enjoyed the process of writing it. It has satisfied not only my heart, but also my brain. After finishing my thesis, I felt that my brain became more ‘wealthy’. And since that, I realize that this is the world that I’ve been looking for. This is the world that I wanna live in forever.”

I miss sitting in the class, listening to the lecturers, discussing many interesting topics, and after that, my favourite part, making college assignments.”

I consider the essays that I have made a part of my brain. It’s not only a college assignment. It is surely more than that. It is a concrete evidence of how I brainstorm ideas, how I choose words by words and put them into life. My essays are my ideas, my thoughts and the proof to the world that I exist.”

“To enter the world of analysis again, I don’t have to go back to the college. It is a wide wide world, and certainly there are many novels, poems, films, and dramas out there that I can analyse. Now, the major question is ‘Do I have the time?’. And here, I must quote my friend: do not find the time, make the time.”



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